SONTRONICS STC-3X PACK 3-pattern mic & accessories
Our Sontronics STC-3X PACK is an all-in-one microphone and accessories package, together representing the ideal solution for achieving professional-quality recordings at home or in the studio.

Our British-designed STC-3X microphone is a multi-pattern condenser featuring the three most commonly used polar patterns – cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-of-eight. These are selectable using a simple switch on the rear of the mic.

The STC-3X boasts a dual one-inch, gold-sputtered diaphragm housed in a large, open grille and its filter and pad controls make it a versatile, flexible workhorse in any recording situation.

In fact, thanks to its three-stage pad and three-stage filter as well as its three polar patterns and bundled accessories, theSontronics STC-3X mic is a best-seller into education (see below left for just a small list of schools and colleges using and enjoying it).

"Our STC-3X mics have taken over… their amazing clarity, fantastic balance and supreme versatility make everything else in the studio redundant!"
JAMES HORWOOD, Soundlab Studios

The STC-3X gives stunning results on everything from male and female vocals to acoustic guitar, piano, percussion, saxophone and other acoustic instruments. It also works extremely well on spoken word, making this a great set-up-and-go option for voiceover, broadcast and podcast. All you need is an interface and some headphones!

Users tell us that the Sontronics STC-3X gives impressive results on amplified sources such as guitar amps, bass cabs and re-amping monitor outputs, while in omni mode, STC-3X is fantastic for room and overhead miking as well as ensemble recording (backing vocals, choral, instrumental, orchestral or rock band!).

In figure-of-eight mode, STC-3X is perfect for stringing instruments, for head-to-head interview or even rapping, as well as for X-Y or mid-side stereo miking applications.

"We include the STC-3X in blind tests on our recording workshops and it's amazing how this mic almost always gets chosen as the listeners' favourite, even when it's up against mics five times the price!"

The Sontronics STC-3X is available in black or silver and is supplied with the following FREE accessories...
• a spider-style shockmount (with two spare elastics)
• a pro-quality, nylon-mesh popshield (modelled on our best-selling ST-POP
• a 5-metre female-to-male XLR cable
• a vinyl, leather-look, zip-up microphone pouch

Like all of Sontronics mics, the STC-3X microphone is protected by our FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY (send us an email to activate it) and also comes with a FREE download of Toontrack’s EZMix 2 Lite.

"It records beautifully for voice, piano, guitar, 
percussion and even for room miking. It just sounds fantastic and it's so versatile too"

SAM HUGHES, Voiceover artist

You should be able to try out an STC-3X via your nearest Sontronics stockist (check our list of UK stockistsUS stockists,Portuguese stockists or contact your local distributor), and some of our partners are currently offering the STC-3X with aFREE STC-10 pencil microphone, giving you two mics for the price of one! Click this link for details!!

Whatever you do with your STC-3X Pack, it'll make you feel and sound like a professional without breaking the bank!